(Hello dad, are you there?)
A lookbook chronicling the emptiness that settled after my father's death.
My dad died in april 2018 due to a degenerative muscle and nerve disease.
In order to feel close to him, I spent my days looking through our old analogue and digital photos. While flipping through these photos, the idea for this "heart project" was born.
Primarily, I wanted to express the deep-seated emptiness that now clouds our lives; I wanted to give these emotions a face. A visualization of how utterly useless the most basic of things surrounding me now felt. His loss has now become a figure-less shadow silently strolling beside us, and causing indescribable pain.
My dad is missed everywhere; not only during milestone events, but also in our day-to-day affairs. Therefore, I wanted to best portray his physical absence by way of comparison. I wanted to capture my newfound understanding of life as evanescent; I wanted to reminisce about not having taken for granted his remarkable presence in my life. I hope my lookbook inspires people to connect with their loved ones in meaningful ways.​​​​​​​

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