I help companies and entrepreneurs stand out from competitors through expressive pictures that embody genuine connectedness to their target customer base.

Away from vacuous commercial and mainstream shots, unimpressive to most.
TOWARD vivid pictures that intrigue and produce curiosity.

As a Storytelling Photographer, I work with you to attract customers using a genuine narrative.
Pictures that depict a story get attention and generate emotions, thus, people get attached. This sense of connectedness is more likely to get people invested in the spokesperson and/or product.

That's what distinguishes me from other photographers, and is what will help you shine from the competition.

Feel free to contact me:
+49 157.85000.305
My name is Chiara, 26-year-old and coming to you with all my heart from Frankfurt, Germany.​​​​​​​
I am constantly motivated toward finding new projects, connecting with new people, and expanding my outlook.